Why is Edward Cullen’s hair ALL WRONG in Breaking Dawn??

I’m going to try to keep calm during this blog post and not have too many SHOUTY CAPS that clearly articulate my frustration over Robert Pattinson’s – aka Edward Cullen’s – hair in ‘Breaking Dawn.’ Now people, surely you’ve noticed that A) Edward’s hair is short ala ‘Water for Elephants’ hairdo in spring, 2010 and B) its BRUNETTE!

Let’s have a quick history lesson here. How many times does Bella reference Edward’s messy, bronze, sex hair in the ‘Twilight’ series? Oh wait, the “sex hair” reference is from FanFiction, oops. But his hair is always floppy and chaotic and it’s always BRONZE – it’s never dark freagin’ brown. ANNNND, in ‘Twilight’ through ‘Eclipse’ Edward has always sported that ultra sexy James Dean-ish pompadour. Well sweethearts, that’s gone. It’s just short and instead of looking like chaotic sex hair, it looks more like short hair that’s out of place and, dare I say it – flat!

Notice the hair color diff here. ------------------------------------>

Now don’t get me wrong, I’d do Edward up, down and sideways – flat hair or no hair. But all I want to say is: ‘Breaking Dawn’ producers and hair and makeup artists – DON’T FUCK WITH MY EDWARD!!

I don’t know how this even happened with Stephenie Meyer acting as a producer in BD 1 & 2. I mean, it’s HER story so you’d think she’d want to preserve the integrity of her words and character descriptions, seeing as though she made such a spectacle of his fuckhawt locks throughout the whole damn book series. So for her to just let it go is maddening to me. Hell, if she was going to let shit slide, then why couldn’t it have been in making this film Rated R vs. PG-13???? Ugh!

This is all Robert Pattinson’s fault anyway. I recall seeing an interview that he did with ‘Access Hollywood’ in which he told the reporter that he liked his hair short. He said he felt “more agile” and Edward may be getting a haircut. And so I bet he flashed his star power and the BD movie-makers folded like a two bit suitcase. Pussies. I mean, obvy I love RPattz, but he needs a majah spanking for his cockblock on Edward’s classic hairdo. I’ll be taking him in the bedroom and punishing him all night. You won’t be seeing him again until the morning.

I’ll be honest that for me, Robert Pattinson’s level of hotness weighs heavily on his hair. ‘Twilight/New Moon’ hair = heaven sent. ‘How To Be’ hairdo = can’t even watch the movie because it’s so ug. I can’t look at my Robbie looking less than puuuuurrrfect. Am I objectifying him and not taking him seriously as an actor? Yes. Do I feel guilty about it? Nope. You don’t become a heartthrob for being a good actor. You become a heartthrob for being SEXY AS HELL. If you’re a good actor: *bonus.*

ANYWAY, I feel better now. I just had to get that rant off my chest. And for anyone that I may have offended in my above tirade, I feel that I need to defend myself. You see, I just ran a ½ marathon on Sunday and I’m in so much pain that I’m currently drinking an entire bottle of wine to numb my bum knees and throbbing calf muscles. To motivate me before the race, a couple people told me to envision Robert Pattinson at the finish line with a bottle of champagne waiting for me to cross so he could give me birthday sex, even though it’s not my birthday. And I think I ran too damn hard and too damn fast and I literally broke my body in half. So unfortunately, when I crossed the finish line I collapsed and passed the fuck out. So I totes missed RPattz because he had to fly back to Baton Rouge for more BD filming. My luck is so shitty.

Have you noticed Edward’s hair being totally OFF in the BD set pics? Or do you not give a flying EFF? To see the latest BD set pics, click HERE!


A gallary of Edward vs. Not Edward, if you will....


Not Edward...(He's so panty meltin' hot here, just not Edward.)


Not Edward...(dreamy, sexy, kill-me-now, but not Edward)



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Comment by Wawi on November 16, 2010 at 3:48pm
OMFG i cant stop laughing u seriously need to start writing ur own fanfic...
but anyway moving to the subject to this fabulous blog. I fucking swear I was freaking out when i saw RPattz in Brazil, i swear i was and hour and half away and was seriously thinking to go there and smack the shit out of him and the make up team.. It's just not Rob's hair, is Kristen hair(she needs longer extensions) as well.. they look like brown chocolate idk something like that...

But i hear u Courtney... me not loving the hair in any form
Comment by Courtney on November 16, 2010 at 4:22pm
I'm considering writing my own fanfic gurl -- thanks for the vote of confidence! I'm just so nervous that Edward isn't going to look as hot in BD and it pisses me off that the producers are suffering from an overwhelming case of lack of detail. I mean, Edward wasn't even wearing his ring in the Lapa, Brazil shots walking through the crowd! There's nothing I hate more than when people pay no attention to detail. I'm a details gurl. Next week when I see Rob in Baton Rouge, I'll be sure to yank on his hair to show him my frustration. Ugh.
Comment by Wawi on November 16, 2010 at 4:35pm
I was reading something about the wedding ring, and they say it was bc men in 20th century didn't wear wedding rings, only women... but that's just crazy! i mean hello 21st century i mean! But the i saw some pictures when they were filming in the beach or waterfall something like that and he was wearing the wedding ring...
They aren't paying attention to the details as u say, there's a lot missing.. *rawr*
Comment by libbybelle523 on November 16, 2010 at 8:19pm
this is RIGHT ON! i'm already pissed about the fucking bushy sideburns they had him sporting in eclipse but now he went dark and short and did you see what they did to his sideburns in the first pic? they are shaved into a v! what the fuck do they stand for? vampire teeth and vaginas!? now don't get me wrong i would take him anyway i could get him...hell i'd take bearded rob in a texas college bar in a bathroom stall. but really summit, wtf? i would like to offer my services to fix him into the edward we all know and WANT!!!!!!.........btw@courtney congrats on the half marathon. just curious what your time was. my girlfriend thinks i should do one in the spring. if rob was waiting for me at the end i would break world records...sorry you passed out and missed him. i'm sure you'll get reacquainted at thanksgiving.
Comment by Courtney on November 16, 2010 at 8:44pm
@libbybelle --- idk what is going on. I just prefer Edward's hair and overall look in 'Twilight' and ever since then it's gone down hill. I mean, his hair in New Moon was diff even and his wardrobe was atrocious. His wardrobe was more age appropriate in Eclipse and his hair went back and forth between being hot James Dean to messy flat. I really think the hair/makeup people need to take their jobs more seriously because the way Edward looks is SUCH a huge point in the story that you just can't forget the details. You CAN'T!

SO, my half marathon was hard but a good experience. It was a gorgeous day out, so that helped. I ran the whole time with the exception of walking through water stops and a couple hills that just killed me and I had to walk a bit. I did it in 2:19:27. You should do it gurl! ..
Comment by Wawi on November 17, 2010 at 7:45am
i think THE TWILIGHT HAIR was just perfect.... it was the sex hair... goshhh
Comment by bulletsucker on November 17, 2010 at 6:00pm
the first photo of edward is soooo edward that everything else looks ridic. while ur down in baton rouge, you needs to have a serious talk with those hair & makeup peeps! srsly. *stomps away upset*


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